Suffer hurricane damage? Insurance company giving you the runaround? 

K. Paulette Perryman is here to help you!

About Ms. Perryman

An Advocate for You

Hurricane Irma may have battered properties but don't let it shatter your dreams. When your insurance company doesn't play fair, K. Paulette Perryman is at hand to help get your voice heard. Don't let Big Insurance underpay and take advantage of you. 

Experience on Your Side

Since 2004, K. Paulette Perryman has served as Plaintiff's counsel against many insurance companies to ensure fair settlements. Her experience in hurricane claims goes back to the devastating storm season of 2004, which brought Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne to our shores. The following year saw the devastation of Katrina and Wilma. 

In the aftermath of each and every one of these tragic storms, K. Paulette Perryman was successful in representing clients in claims against their insurance companies.

Get What You Deserve

Don't let Big Insurance take advantage of you. Get the help and guidance of an experienced Catastrophic Claims attorney today.

Attorney K. Paulette Perryman is an experienced Catastrophic Claims attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, New York and the District of Columbia. 

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